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Powerful Teaching

  • “Amazing book!!! Questions made me think critically about what I do in my classroom. I’m going to try some new things with my classes after reading this book.”
    Amanda Cochran, Scottsbluff, NE

  • “I enjoyed taking the class Powerful Teaching. This class was teacher friendly. Every chapter in the book gave me a great idea that I am looking forward to trying this school year. I am excited for the year to start to try things out! I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time at all by taking this class.”
    Todd TeGrotenhuis, Orange City, IA

  • “I thought this was a very powerful and beneficial course, because it rejuvenated me and gave me wonderful, positive ideas that I am excited to try and use in my classroom. The one thing I really liked about this course is that I was able to read and reread the book on my own time frame and it was filled with information that I will be able to make applicable to my own classroom as well as to my personal life.”
    Tobiann Waters, Firth, NE

  • “This course was one of my favorites, although I have enjoyed all the courses I have taken through Educational Resources! This course gave me great lessons, strategies, and ideas that will help me become a better teacher. These are simple lessons that I can use in the first few weeks of school to make for a very successful year. It also gave me ways to bring back my own enthusiasm for teaching and gave me a list of great resources to help me.”
    Kerensa Rowley, Firth, NE

  • “The course, Powerful Teaching, is one of the most beneficial courses I have taken. The course offered practical strategies to use to build a positive classroom atmosphere. The book is written in a clear and concise manner. The learning objectives were clear, and information learned through the course will be easy to implement in the class.”
    Casey Burgess, Lancaster, SC

  • “Powerful Teaching reinforced my beliefs on what characteristics it takes to be an effective educator. The course text and assignments rejuvenated me as a professional and prompted me to evaluate my performance in the classroom. I know that I will be a better teacher because of this course. Thank you for this learning opportunity!”
    Jennifer Larson, Fort Dodge, IA

  • “I felt that this course was very useful to me as a teacher and coach. Compared to other courses that I have taken, I can say that I got more out of these concepts than any others. I will be able to use these concepts to build the positive atmosphere that I am searching for in both my teaching and coaching fields.”
    Gregory Bonifay, South Charleston, OH

  • “The book was phenomenal, and the assignments were very practical. They helped me formulate how I planned to use the information to transform my classroom.”
    Robin Wilmesherr, Sioux City, IA

  • “I enjoyed reading Hal Urban’s, Lessons from the Classroom and completing each component of the class. Each chapter of Urban’s book was relatable and valid in today’s classrooms. Urban’s knowledge of students today is current with the students I teach today. I’m excited Urban shared many of his forms, ideas, and surveys with his readers and plan to use many of them when 2nd semester begins.”
    Julie Macumber, Norfolk, NE

  • “This course will benefit me personally ~ always a good reminder to get back to the basics of what really matters in life.”
    Susan Ruen, Mason City, IA

  • “I thought this is a course that should be required for all educators. It gives you the practical ideas and thoughts that you can actually use in your classroom. This class will make a difference for my students and for me. This coruse is not about fluff. This class is about getting you ready to be a better teacher. Some courses you are just jumping through hoops.”
    David Johnson, Sibley, IA

  • “The course, Powerful Teaching, was a great course that allowed me to think about how I would like to set up the atmosphere in my classroom. It has great ideas to help make a positive learning environment, how to set up my policies, and how to get my students involved in setting the ‘Golden Rules.’”
    Amy Boyer, Grand Island, NE

  • “I really enjoyed this course. I loved Hal Urban’s common sense approach to the issues teachers face in the classroom today. These are strategies I can actually use. Thank you!”
    Sammi Luse, Marshalltown, IA

  • “I really enjoyed this course. The book was teacher friendly and very down to earth. I feel I got more out of this class because I could relate to the different situations presented and reflect upon them. The course is valuable not only to the beginning teacher but also to the veteran. It is also appropriate for teachers at any grade level.”
    JoAnn Todd, Jackson, NE

  • “I really enjoyed taking the course. I twas very applicable to my current teaching position. There were so many great ideas from the book that I will use in my classroom. This class made me think about changes I need to make in my classroom. This was by far one of the most useful classes I have taken. It will definitely help me become a better teacher!”
    Jodi Biederstedt, Archbold, OH