Powerful Teaching

"This course was everything that I hoped it would be. It was filled with information that I can easily put to use in my classroom. The course work was easy to follow. I was able to work at my own pace and at times when it was convenient for me. I look forward to completing more of these classes in the future." -Matt C., IA
"This course was fabulous! I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the education field. I am rejuvenated and excited to start the next school year." -Kristin B., IA
"I loved this course! I thoroughly enjoyed Hal Urban's book and learned so much. I'm excited to implement many new ideas next school year. Thank you for allowing us to keep the book. It will be at my fingertips as I plan for and prepare for a new year." -Amy D., NE
"I really enjoyed taking this course mainly because the assigned book was packed full of great information. I feel it has improved my ability to lead my colleagues, teach my students, and nurture my personal relationships at home. I would recommend this course and this book to anyone. I can't wait to read another of Hal Urban's books." Jill R., OH
Whether a person is a new teacher or a veteran teacher, this course is a must. Hal Urban’s approach is fresh and down-to-earth. His realistic ideas are guaranteed to renew your enthusiasm for creating a positive environment in your classroom. This is truly the best course I have taken in my 33 years of teaching. Thanks! - Deb Bertsch, Ventura, IA
I am so glad I took this course! Powerful Teaching was an extremely beneficial, applicable course. The book used is a book I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I read every word of every page and found it hard to put down! It is a book I will read over and over! The assignments were very concise and correlated very well to the lessons. I can honestly say that my classroom will be a different place this year because of my having taken this course! I am revitalized and enthusiastic for a new school year! I would definitely take another course like this one and will recommend this course to others! - Jenny Howard, Ottumwa, IA
I really enjoyed Powerful Teaching. I found the book very fascinating with many great concepts. I was also able to gain several strategies and techniques that I will use next year in my classroom. Excellent class!” - William Root, Grand Island, NE
Powerful Teaching is a great class that inspires teachers to become better at what they do. The information was useful and can be applied to any classroom setting. - Brian Silhacek, Norfolk, NE
Educational Resources has offered another great course. This course gives practical information that you can use in the classroom. Urban’s stories and strategies help teach life-long skills. - Rhonda Caylor, Centerville, IA
This is my fourth class through Educational Resources and this is by far my favorite. I learned a lot of new ideas. - Jared Andring, Zumbrota, MN
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