students asking questions

How do I obtain my transcript?
How can I register for classes?
What if I need to cancel my course registration?
Will these classes earn any Graduate Level credits?
Can credits earned from your courses be used for either continuing education credits towards relicensure or towards a lane change (salary advancement) in my school district?
If my school district would like more information about the course(s), what should I do?
Will these classes be accepted for my graduate program?
What if I need proof that I have taken a class for relicensure?
How often do you offer your courses?
Can classes be taken in any order?
Do you take credit cards?

Video Course FAQ’s

What do video courses entail?
How long do I have to complete the course?
Are there any online requirements?

Independent Study FAQ’s

What does an independent study course entail?
How long do I have to complete the course?

On-Site Course FAQ’s

When will I know if a course has reached minimum enrollment?
What are class hours?
How can I become a class Instructor?